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Voice Termination

High quality direct point to point IP links - The no compromise approach.



Voice Termination

Whatever the size of your company, you may be looking for a better deal than you currently have from the fixed line operators in South Africa. However, while savings are important, you are not prepared to compromise on call quality. At NovaIX we can reduce your telephone bill and deliver carrier-grade voice quality. We do this by providing high quality direct point to point IP links to securely and reliably deliver high quality voice connections to our customer's premises. Our voice offerings do not require our customers to replace existing legacy PABX equipment and handsets as our IP lines are able to interface with Analogue, BRI (ISDN) or PRI (ISND30) trunks.

At NovaIX we believe in using the same products that we sell, and as such our voice connections terminate on our own Bicom platform. The Bicom platform is a true multi-tenant Class 4/Class 5 VoIP platform and as such we can deliver not only voice termination and voice minutes to our customers, but when our customer decides to expand their business they no longer have to buy additional and costly branch pbx's but they can also get hosted PBX extensions from us at a fraction of the cost of a traditional pbx.

In short we at NovaIX have the experience and expertise to give you the best value for money voice network you can get in South Africa.

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