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SMS Termination

Bulk SMS solutions for any size business.



SMS Termination

Short Message Services - NovaIX is at the cutting edge of mobile messaging, SMS marketing tools and mobile marketing software solutions. We believe mobile is a direct, highly responsive two way communication channel and should form an integral part of your businesses marketing. One of our product offerings which will greatly benefit the networking and communication within and around your business is Bulk SMS.

At NovaIX we have a Bulk SMS solution for any business. We can operate and manage the Bulk SMS campaigns or you can manage all aspects of your campaign in house. We have developed and written our own pc application which includes features like anniversary and birthday sms's being sent out. A CRM for customer management is included on this application making it very easy to manage your sms database. At NovaIX we pride ourselves in providing our customers with the unparalleled support and service they deserve. Our Bulk SMS solutions offer the highest in product quality at a rate hard to beat.

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