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Network Design

Revolutionize your network with Nova IX.



Network Design and Implementation

These days there are many companies who can design a network that works for data. With our experience in the transport of real-time media we have the knowledge and experience to design networks that not only work well for data, but can also handle the high demands of real-time media like voice and video.

Often the type of equipment that gets suggested to be installed for a network will depend on the designer's alliances. For example if a HP reseller designs a network then they will rightly use an HP kit. At NovaIX we do not have alliances with any single company. We use the best of class network kit, depending on what the customer's exact needs are and also their budget. We use HP, Cisco, Alcatel-Lucent, Extreme, Mountain Box and many other network manufacturers to give our customers the best they can get for their selected budget.

On many networks, security is either made far too restrictive or not secure enough. We use a revolutionary kit to intelligently protect our customer's network without making them so restrictive that it makes life difficult for our customer's employees.

All the NovaIX engineers have the skills and knowledge to implement and support the networks that we install. We also have the ability to take a poorly designed and implemented network and change it so that it is future proof and works without a hitch to our customers exact needs.

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