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iMSeal – Cargo Security



iMSeal – Cargo Security with Notifications

The iMSeal (electronic trackable padlock) provides real-time security locking, and unlocking of Caro with control room notifications, enabling companies to have several security levels.  In addition our leading microdot technology can be added as additional security to items that require asset logging and verification.

The Cargo your fleet carries on a daily basis is the core of your business and its safety, visibility and integrity, should always be in the spotlight - but what if its not?

That’s why we’ve developed an intelligent solution which takes care of that for you. Combining over 30 years’ experience in the telematics industry, Mega Fortris Technologies is proud to present the iMSeal, an intelligent solution providing you with complete control and visibility of your load and assets.


  • - Cloud driven environment provides 24/7 monitoring.
  • - Complete end to end visibility of your fleets cargo and its movement.
  • - Multiple layers of security guarantees peace of mind.
  • - Intelligent and intuitive software delivers a smooth and flexible customer experience.
  • - Fully automated tamper evident solution.


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