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Geyser Guard Management System



Geyser / Boiler Management System

Geyser Guard is a risk management and peak power load shedding system.

Risk Management

Burst geysers are a common problem and often the greatest loss experienced is the consequential damage of the water flooding. The system will save insurance companies and the consumer from unnecessary costs and privacy invasion.

When a water leak is detected by the Geyser Guard’s water sensor, the system will shut off the mains water supply as well as the power to the geyser
Geyser Guard can be linked to a back end 24/7 monitoring centre where all water leak alarms will be received and remedial actions taken.

Power Management

The WEB and Smartphone Application for Android and IOS allows the consumer to set and manage the hot water heating on their geyser. Proper management will result in reduced energy consumption.


The consumer is able to switch their geyser ON or OFF remotely via the web or smartphone application.

Geyser Guard allows the user (or management company to offer the customer) a simple, easy to install - stable system, which will not only ensures water leak prevention, but allow the client to have hot water on demand at all times, without the need to leave the geyser on for unnecessary periods.

Water safety, risk prevention and power management which takes a plumber 45min to install.


Installation Guide (Click to download)



Geyser Guard is a risk management and peak power load shedding system.


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